XAVIER GARCIA , full-coloured. Silmo 2014

XAVIER GARCIA presents its new frames collection for next SILMO 2014 edition ( at a family lunch between employees, partners of the brand and friends in the restaurant “El Raco Mariner” in Barcelona. (Barcelona, 18 of july 2014 ) FULL-COLOURED : XAVIER GARCIA, Eyewear Design, Barcelona. SILMO PARIS 2014 We will meet you at SILMO […]

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Xavier Garcia speaks at the II Seminar on Eyeglass Frames

Xavier Garcia, designer and entrepreneur, spoke for the first time at the II Seminar on Eyeglass Frames organized by the Terrassa Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (28 May 2014). The II Seminar on Eyeglass Frames was opened by Salvador Alsina, the vice-president of the Spanish Association of Optics and […]

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