Presenting three new colours of BOA

Aren’t these 3 Boas so beautifully designed? ;D Model Boa C9 moving on the X axis! #Red #Metal #Etching   Model Boa C8 . Isn’t she so beautyfully designed? ;D #Blue #Metal #etching   Model Boa C7 looking in diagonal direction ;D #purple #Metal #Etching   ‪ Three new colours for july, already in our […]

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XAVIER GARCIA and Barcelona’s design and fashion

Last week (29 June -3 July) was crammed with exciting activities about Barcelona’s design and fashion. It was a week packed with events to celebrate and showcase the best design of 2015. We were at the opening ceremony of FAD FESTIVAL 2015 where we enjoyed the “Out of Place” exhibition, an audacious initiative by a […]

Llegir noticia